2 Liter Soda Bottle Mosquito Trap

Although usually people believe that mosquitoes are found mostly in humid regions, this is a misconception. Because we live in such a congested environment, mosquitoes have become a norm nowadays. If your house has dark and dingy areas then mosquito infestation is a given. So before you get infected with several mosquito illnesses, it’s best to use a good remedy to deal with mosquitoes. homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle has become a very popular way to deal with mosquitoes at home. These homemade bottle traps are very effective in getting rid of mosquitoes. You can also make soda bottle mosquito trap from the bottles that you throw away.

Use of 2 liter soda bottle mosquito trap begins like this. Each monsoon, mosquitoes become a major concern for people. A little bit of indifference on your part can cause serious illnesses like malaria and can make it extremely inconvenient for you, weeks together. Therefore, in order to keep these harmful insects at bay, and maintain your health during the monsoon season you need to use homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle. These types of homemade bottle traps are made using a combination of warm water, 1/3 cup of sugar or honey and a single spoon of dry yeast. Usage of warm water makes the product suitable to dilute everything properly. While using it, make sure to use a black piece of paper as a cover so as to draw the mosquitoes. Plastic bottle mosquito trap has proven to be one of the effective method and the best thing is that you can also make a 2 liter soda bottle mosquito trap from the bottles you have piled up in your ware house.

This homemade bottle trap will create carbon dioxide, making use of the sugar-yeast mixture. The sources for soda bottle mosquito trap can be easily available in your warehouse. The gas will draw bugs, make them fly into the homemade bottle trap, and get stuck on the sugar coated sides of the homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle. Quite a few of them will lose their energy while trying to free themselves from the homemade bottle trap. The cost of a homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle is quite reasonable by today’s standards and that is the reason you can see a lot of plastic bottle mosquito trap. So, you don’t need to worry too much about the budget when making this homemade bottle trap. In order to keep these pests at bay from your home, you need to follow a few tricks in order to create these types of homemade bottle trap. You can make use of materials such as plastic or paper bags for this purpose and at the end you will get a perfect soda bottle mosquito trap.

Mosquito trap bottle plays an important role when it comes to the DIY ideas of plastic bottle mosquito trap.

Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

Before you go ahead and get all these ingredients and stuff ready to create your homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle, you need to ensure that you have seen the procedure and are following it perfectly. Mosquito trap bottle needs to be taken seriously because any goof up with the measurements or execution during the making of the homemade bottle trap, you will end up with an ineffective homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle. Making 2 liter soda bottle mosquito trap is not a hard task.

What is the next step with plastic bottle mosquito trap?

Then, you will have to turn the bottle top upside down into the bottle. To make the fitting secure, you can use a tape. Wrap it with black paper so as to create a dark area for mosquitoes to move into. You will have to pour a spoonful of yeast, 1/3th spoon of sugar and some water to fill a third part of your bottle. Place it at the place which you feel is the breeding ground of mosquitoes. Once you start using this homemade mosquito trap snopes, mosquito bites will become a distant memory for you and your family.

Mosquito trap bottle is about to get ready to counter mosquitoes. Now that you have prepared your homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle, be sure to place it at a place where you find that the mosquitoes are the most. To make a better protection system, just create several homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle and place several homemade bottle trap throughout your room and even your yard if you want. But ensure that when you place these homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle, in your kid’s room you keep it out of their reach for both their safety and to keep the homemade bottle trap secure. Mosquito trap bottle has proven to be successful in many occasion where mosquitoes were a major problem.

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