Dog Mosquito Repellent – Supreme Natural Solution For Mosquito Menace

Just like for some people there children are everything to them, some people feel the same emotion and bond towards their pets. Your pet’s health is a grave matter to you, since you wouldn’t want them to suffer. And since it is your responsibility to take good care of them, you need to ensure that you do everything you can to protect them. Mosquitoes are dangerous not just for you but for your dog too, So formulate a good homemade mosquito repellent for dogs and you will be glad that your pet is safe and healthy. You can also make mosquito spray for dogs so that the innocent canines don’t have to feel irritated.

Mosquitoes are a major concern for irritation for us especially during the summer as well as monsoon season. But contrary to popular beliefs, mosquitoes bother your pets as well. However, there is no need to use any type of pest sprays in order to drive away these mosquitoes. Here are a number of homemade mosquito repellents for dogs which you can use so as to make sure that your canine friend is not bothered by these pests.

Essential Oils

Applying essential oils on your dog’s coat will make him smell more than what he normally does. Mosquitoes will largely stay away from him as a result. These oils have the desired effect, when they are mixed with citrus water. A number of oils like lavender and eucalyptus are known to be good homemade mosquito repellent for dogs. Put the mixture into an old shampoo bottle and shake it well, so that it mixes well. Then your mosquito repellent for dogs is ready.

The best part about these essential oil homemade mosquito repellents for dogs is the fact that unlike the commercial remedy for dogs, they are very mild on their fur and won’t harm them in any way. These essential oils homemade mosquito repellents for dogs are safe even when they lick it since homemade mosquito repellents for dogs do not contain anything that would effect their health gravely.

Peels Of Citrus Fruits

Peels of citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons can be used as a homemade mosquito repellent for yard against pests such as flies and mosquitoes. In order to ensure that these peels have a desired effect, you will have to put them in boiling water for some time. Then, remove them from water to let it cool for some time. Applying citrus water will make your pet feel re-energized and help him to stay free from mosquitoes. Homemade mosquito repellents for dogs is that easy to prepare and the same goes for mosquito spray for dogs.

Citrus is very good for your pets as homemade mosquito repellents for dogs, because they have enzymes and smells that repel the mosquitoes from attacking your pets. The best part of homemade mosquito repellents for dogs is the fact that you never have to worry about your dog’s fur shedding, which is possible if you use a chemical based remedy. But with homemade mosquito repellents for dogs your pet is safe. You can get the same effect from the dog mosquito repellent.

Lemon Sprays

Preparing a lemon spray is not too difficult. All that you need to have, to prepare this non-toxic spray is quite a number of lemons, one liter of water and a single spray bottle. First, you will need to cut the lemons into halves, take one half along with some water in a pot, and boil them for about 1-2 hours. Allow the liquid to cool for some time, and remove the lemon pulp. After pouring it into the bottle, you can apply the liquid on your dog’s coating and face, but make sure that his eyes remain protected. You will have to make it a point that the solution is rubbed gently, to minimize irritation. Well isn’t that a great homemade mosquito repellents for dogs. The makes the canine safe from the blood sucking insects.

Mosquito Spray For Dog- Safety For Your Pets

A reliable dog mosquito repellent

To make sure that the homemade mosquito repellents for dogs provide you with the best results, you need to make sure that your pet has a proper bath. Once you have cleaned him, apply this homemade mosquito repellents for dogs to different parts of his body, including tail, leg, neck as well as the fur. Make it a point to apply drops of essential oil or citrus water on his shoulder so as to make sure that mosquitoes do not bite in this area. Make application of these sprays a part of your daily routine which will also act as a dog mosquito repellent. For instance, if your dog accompanies you for morning walks on daily basis, then use it before taking him out.

Follow these simple steps and do not forget to carry your homemade mosquito repellents for dogs when you are traveling with them or taking them to an outdoor venue. Your pets cannot express their discomfort and uneasiness when they are attacked by mosquitoes. So, it is your responsibility to aid them and diligently apply the homemade mosquito repellent for dogs whenever required.

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