Homemade Mosquito Trap With Yeast

Usually people trust commercial products when it comes to a deadly mosquito infestation, and thanks to the innumerable products and gadgets that experts are manufacturing to deal with the problem of mosquito infestation. With the help of homemade mosquito trap you can now breathe easy. homemade mosquito trap with yeast in it, might sound extremely weird but it is very effective in getting rid of the mosquitoes. Try out a homemade mosquito trap for a change to see the results.

Haunted by mosquitoes every night? Do you stay awake all night guarding your home from mosquitoes? Well, here is a simple solution. Build your own mosquito trap at home and enjoy a good night sleep. Mosquitoes when increase in number can be very troublesome. They mostly breed in dark crowded areas or in stagnant water. Hence, keeping your surroundings clean and uncluttered can be one way of avoiding mosquito attacks altogether. Even after this, if your house is still infested with mosquitoes, you can opt for homemade bottle trap.

How To Make A Mosquito Trap

Creating a homemade mosquito trap to kill mosquitoes seems to be a cost effective technique and it will not even take too much of your time. You do not have to shop around for specific things; a trap can be made out of things you already have at home. Also, the commercial repellents contain certain harmful chemicals that can have an adverse effect on humans as well. A homemade trap will be free off such chemicals.

Chemical based mosquito repellents are very dangerous on your skin and if children use them , there are chances of skin allergies and reactions. So, instead of taking such a risk with your children’s health it’s better to use a homemade mosquito trap to deal with the mosquito issue. There are several different kinds of repellents but the best among them is definitely the homemade mosquito trap with yeast in it.

There are many different kinds of traps you can build to kill mosquitoes. Here is one such homemade mosquito trap you can construct to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Setting Up The Homemade Mosquito Trap:

  • Take a two litre plastic bottle and cut off its top using a sharp knife. Cut at that point where the bottle starts curving.
  • Make the cut such that once you’re done, you have two pieces- a top curved end and the other cylinder that can be used to fill in the liquid.

These equipment is necessary if you want to build the perfect homemade mosquito trap with yeast to deal with these pests.

Getting All The Ingredients Together For Homemade Mosquito Trap

  • Take a cup containing water. Heat the water on a stove.
  • Add brown sugar- 4 tablespoons to the cup. Make sure all of the sugar dissolves in the water.
  • Pour cold water into the mixture until it turns lukewarm.
  • Once the temperature has lowered, a little bit of yeast must be added to the mixture.

The idea behind making this solution for the homemade mosquito trap with yeast, is fermenting the sugar so that it releases carbon dioxide. Both carbon dioxide and sugar attract mosquitoes and this liquid concoction of homemade mosquito trap will serve well in attracting the mosquitoes into your homemade mosquito trap with yeast..

Complete The Homemade Mosquito Trap:

  • Once you set up all the requirements, it is time to bring them all together.
  • Place the cylinder end of the bottle straight on the ground and pour in the solution.
  • Once you have poured all of the solution in the cylinder, place the other half of the bottle over the cylinder in a way such that it is upside down and the lower end faces upwards. Make sure you place the upper half such that its upper surface lines with the upper surface of the cylinder.
  • Leave no gaps between the two surfaces. Push down the upper half as much as possible but see to it that it doesn’t touch the liquid.
  • Finally cover the trap with black colored construction paper on the outside.
  • On completion of the trap, select a highly humid spot and place your trap there.


Homemade mosquito trap of this type is actually very effective. Mosquitoes that enter inside the homemade mosquito trap with yeast will not be able to get out because of the small mouth of the homemade mosquito trap. In about 2 weeks the liquid inside will have to be replaced to avoid mosquitoes form laying eggs there. Now go ahead and build your custom homemade mosquito trap with yeast.

So, don’t you think that it is amazing that yeast can help not just in baking but even in protecting you and your family from the menace of mosquitoes. Go ahead and browse the internet to check out the different types of homemade mosquito trap, especially homemade mosquito trap with yeast. Most of the stuff and ingredients needed for homemade mosquito trap are easily available at your home and you won’t have to do any special shopping for it.

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